Increased visibility for member consultants

In an effort to enhance its service offering to member consultants while maintaining the prestige of the “Consultants Québec certifiés satisfaction client” brand, the Mouvement now offers its consulting members two options:

“Consultant certifié satisfaction client” membership:*

Includes a two-year membership with all related benefits, the certification process and the seal of “Consultants Québec certifiés satisfaction client.” To obtain this certification, your organization must submit to us a list of clients that will be surveyed for satisfaction by a recognized, independent firm.

A satisfaction rating of 85% or more on the survey entitles you to customer satisfaction certification!

If the result is less than 85%, your organization will appear in the Directory of Quebec Consultants but will not be eligible for the “Certifié satisfaction client” seal. Please also note that membership fees are non-refundable. After two years, we invite you to submit a new “Certifié satisfaction client” request with a new list of clients for whom you have completed a contract since your last registration request.

Regular membership :

Includes a one- or two-year membership and dissemination of company contact information.

*All consulting firms with the “Certifié satisfaction client” seal in this directory have successfully passed the selection process based on customer satisfaction.

Join the Movement!

Satisfaction Quality Assurance!

The Consultants Québec seal is proof that the firm is certified for customer satisfaction, which means that it has successfully passed a rigorous selection process based on customer.

Why Sign Up?

Show off your expertise! The Directory of Quebec Consultants is an invaluable showcase for promoting your services to decision makers who may require your expertise for a future project.

Thanks to the Quebec Society for Quality’s qualification process, potential customers will know that your customer satisfaction has been independently assessed.

By registering :

  • Position your brand
  • Be seen by companies interested in your services
  • Be part of a list of trusted consulting firms
  • Have a trust certificate attesting to your expertise
  • Enjoy great visibility:
    • The Directory of Quebec Consultants is advertised at least 30 times a year in our email advertising to more than 12,000 members and clients
    • The Directory reaches all participants in the MQQ’s training programs (an average of 2,200 people per year)
    • 3 times a year, email advertising dedicated solely to the Directory of Quebec Consultants is sent to more than 12,000 members and clients to promote the Directory.
    • The Directory is advertised at the Salon MPA at the Quebec Society for Quality booth.
    • The Directory is advertised in the Roadmap provided to all Salon MPA visitors annually, by email and on site.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be approved as a member of Consultants Québec, your consulting firm must submit a list of clients who will be surveyed for satisfaction by an independent firm every two years.
  • You must achieve a satisfaction rating of 85% or higher.
  • This method ensures unparalleled credibility for Québec Consultants.

Listing Policy

All consulting firms or independent consultants posting their services on are members in good standing of the Mouvement québécois de la qualité.


For more information, please contact the Quebec Society for Quality at 514-874-9933, ext. 221, or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a client list every three years?

A three-year client list provides an evolving picture of the consulting firm’s or consultant’s activities. Also, the three-year period was determined to take into account the situation of self-employed persons.

How does the qualification process work?

An external firm will contact your clients to measure their satisfaction using a set questionnaire. Within 20 business days of your request, you will receive a results table with a letter of acceptance or refusal along with the list of clients provided.

What happens if the survey-taker cannot reach my clients?

The firm conducting the survey makes every effort to contact all customers. If for any reason they cannot be reached, the application cannot be processed and will be refused.

Who will be notified of the survey results?

Only the consulting firm will learn the results. The firm conducting the survey follows a code of ethics regarding the confidentiality of the information. It undertakes not to disclose the information, including to government officials, the Quebec Society for Quality or anyone else.

Are analysis fees reimbursable if the company is refused?

No. File analysis fees are not reimbursable if a refusal letter is received. The required fee is paid to the firm conducting the survey to analyze your file.

Do I have to pay the analysis fee again for another request following a refusal?

Yes. You must re-pay the current file analysis fee to re-apply with a new client list.

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