Terms and conditions of use of the website

Through its website, the Quebec Society for Quality (the “Mouvement” or “MQQ”) allows Internet users to view information and purchase training and other resources. “Internet user” means anyone browsing the website www.qualite.qc.ca.

The Mouvement offers its users the opportunity to receive training and participate in professional events and activities. The length, format, location and cost of training varies. It can be public or private, in person or remote. Training schedules may vary. The prices for training are expressed in Canadian dollars.


The MQQ membership fee is non-refundable, so if you cancel your membership, your membership will remain valid until the end of the current period.

Training, Events, and Activities


Registration is online.

You will receive written confirmation of your registration and further information by email.

For more information, contact our customer service department at 514-874-9933, ext. 221 or 1-888-874-9933.

Registration for training is subject to availability. Registration will be confirmed by email within 24 hours of purchase. Please contact us if you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a training session, you must notify us by sending an email to [email protected] within 15 business days of the original date of the training. Postponements can only be done for identical training.

Participant substitutions for the same training are accepted free of charge (subject to certain conditions depending on the course).

For cancellation without postponement, a cancellation fee will be charged as follows.

Training of two days or less
  • Annulation signifiée 10 jours ouvrables ou plus avant le début de la formation : la totalité des frais d’inscription est remboursée, moins 5 % de frais administratifs.
  • Cancellation with less than 10 working days notice: 50% of the registration fee will be charged.
  • Cancellation within 72 working hours or absence of the participant: 100% of the registration fee will be charged.
Training of three days or more
  • Annulation signifiée 15 jours ouvrables et plus avant le début de la formation : la totalité des frais d’inscription est remboursée, moins 5 % de frais administratifs.
  • Cancellation request made within less than 15 business days: an administration fee of 50% will be charged.
  • Cancellation request made within less than 10 business days or the participant is absent: 100% of the registration fees will be charged.

If the number of participants enrolled in a training course does not reach the required minimum, the Mouvement reserves the right to cancel in-class training no later than five working days before it begins and online training 48 working hours before it begins. Those who paid the registration fee will receive a credit for a future session. However, the Mouvement will not assume any other costs that participants may have incurred (transportation, accommodations, etc.). The Mouvement will inform participants as soon as possible of any changes or cancellations.

The Mouvement reserves the right to refuse or cancel a registration.

Numbers: GST R 141113944 | QST 1018626612-TQ0001

Salon MPA 2023 – Kiosque de la Zone Experts

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must send an email to [email protected]

  • Annulation signifiée dans les 10 jours ouvrables suivant la transaction : la totalité des frais est remboursée, moins 5 % de frais administratifs.
  • Cancellation more than 10 working days after the transaction: 50% of the fee will be refunded.
  • Cancellation after August 31, 2023: no refund.

Salon MPA 2023 – Inscriptions

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must send an email to [email protected]

  • Annulation signifiée jusqu’au 20 octobre 2023 : la totalité des frais est remboursée, moins 5 % de frais administratifs.
  • Annulation signifiée après le 20 octobre 2023 : aucun remboursement (les substitutions de participants sont acceptés).

Bill 90 (1% law) – Approval

The cost of training provided by the Mouvement is recognized as an investment under the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition (accreditation certificate number: 0000250).


Upon satisfactory completion of the session, Mouvement training participants will receive a certificate of completion and/or official attestation, depending on the training.


The rates displayed on the site are for publicly available training courses. For customized or in-company training, the rates are assessed by our advisers.

Some organizations have preferential rates that they can apply when purchasing online. If a user takes advantage of a preferential rate they are not entitled to, they will not be able to take the training until they have paid the difference.

Registration fees must be paid before the start of the training.

Fees and discounts are subject to change without notice.

The volume discount does not apply to the following courses:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Member account, password and security

To access training, users must create an account and choose a membership type.

To be a member of the Mouvement, an account must be created by following the registration process and providing complete and accurate information. Creating a member account requires a username and password.

The account is the user’s responsibility. Users must notify the Mouvement as soon as possible if they notice any unauthorized use of their account. The Mouvement cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from the improper use of a member’s account. Conversely, users are liable for any damages or losses suffered by the Mouvement as a result of a user using another user’s login information. Furthermore, users undertake not to use another member’s account.

Users are responsible for their username and password and must keep them secure. The Mouvement undertakes not to disclose any member account information.


This website is published by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité. Its design, layout and content are copyright © 2022 Mouvement québécois de la qualité. All rights reserved.

This website may contain material copyrighted by other organizations. This site may also mention trademarks not owned by the Mouvement.

No element of this site shall be deemed to grant, even implicitly, permission or the right to use any trademark displayed on the site.

Electronic works/guides

Out of respect for authors and in accordance with copyright law, it is prohibited to reproduce the MQQ’s books, guides or training materials in any form whatsoever (for example, they cannot be printed or saved). Translating or adapting texts protected by copyright is also prohibited.

Guide purchases are not reimbursable.

Content and information

The Mouvement website (including photos, graphics, links, etc.) is intended as a summary of the content managed by the organization and does not offer any guarantee of completeness. It is intended to provide general information only and is subject to change without notice.

Third-party information is the sole responsibility of the third party. The Mouvement makes considerable efforts to provide timely and quality information but cannot guarantee the accuracy of third-party content. The Mouvement cannot be held liable for information and claims made by a third party that may give rise to a promise not kept or information that is not up to date or is incomplete or misleading.

The MQQ reserves the right to modify the terms of service, whether for courses, seminars or any other activities offered. For example, it may change the date or location of training or even cancel the activity without notice or liability.

Link to external sites

The Mouvement’s texts contain links to external websites. Under no circumstances may the Mouvement be held responsible for the content of these sites. When users click on a link to an external site, they are encouraged to read the security and privacy policies of the site in question. Users visit the content of the external sites at their own risk.

Comments and complaints

If you feel that the Mouvement québécois de la qualité has not respected the principles set out in this policy, you may file a complaint with Julie Grégoire, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Business Development, Mouvement québécois de la qualité, 555 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, Suite 555, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1B1.

The Quebec Society for Quality will investigate all policy compliance complaints and take all appropriate measures, including changes to its practices as necessary. In any case, you will be informed of the outcome of the investigation of your complaint.

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