Pierre L'Espérance

Senior Partner, The Qualiso Group

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Pierre L'Espérance has been a member of the Canadian Technical Committee on Quality Management since 1996. He is also an expert member of the Canadian delegation since 2002 to ISO TC 176 SC2, the working group for the revision of ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 standards. He actively contributed to the development of the new revision of ISO 9001:2015. Mr. L'Espérance was one of two Canadian delegates invited to represent Canada at the international meetings of ISO TC 176 SC 2 WG 24 for the revision of the new version of ISO 9001:2015. Since 2015, he has been assigned as co-leader for the ISO TC 176 SC 4 WG 25 working group for the revision of ISO 9004:2018 on sustainable performance in organizations.

Pierre L'Espérance is a co-founder of the Qualiso Group, of which he is a senior partner. The Qualiso Group is a management consulting firm that helps companies implement management systems and improve the performance of organizations in a manner that respects stakeholders. He leads a team of consultants that has helped more than 500 organizations in performance improvement projects in the service, manufacturing and agri-food sectors worldwide.
Pierre L'Espérance has a solid background in operations management. In addition to having worked in various plant engineering and product development positions at Du Pont and Goodyear, he was a member of the management committee of the Goodyear plant in Quebec City, where he was responsible for quality management. He worked in the automotive industry for nearly five years, with clients such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford and GM.

On a regular basis since 1996, he acts as an external auditor for a registrar. He is also occasionally the chief evaluator for the Prix performance Québec.
In June 2015, Pierre L'Espérance received the CSA Award of Merit for his dedicated commitment to, and respected awareness of, the development of standards for quality management and social responsibility.

In 2021, Pierre L'Espérance was appointed Chair of the Canadian Technical Committee on Quality Management. Pierre L'Espérance is also an active member of the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety and Organizational Governance Committees.

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