Lean Master Certification - Module 2 - Silver Level

Managing performance on a daily basis.

Description of the course

Not a day goes by without an event that can affect the performance of an organisation. However, it is not always possible to wait for the next improvement workshop (kaizen, SMED or other) to solve the problem. This is why day-to-day management is a major issue in the success of any organisation.

It is no wonder that the ability to efficiently develop and adjust solutions to unpredictable situations is a competitive advantage.

Module 2 therefore addresses the building blocks of day-to-day management:

  • Visual communication
  • 5S and visual checks
  • Notion of standard
  • Thinking and problem solving A3
  • Ishikawa, five whys and cause tree

This module is part of the Lean Master certification programme

Pre-requisite: having completed Module 1 of the programme

Training recognised by Genium360

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General objective

Participants will be progressively introduced to the concepts, systems and tools related to continuous improvement, both in terms of day-to-day performance management and Lean worksite approaches. Ultimately, they will be able to support, as internal consultants, a Lean approach in their organisation.

Who is this training for?

*This course is open to all.

*Module 1 passed

  • To know the conditions for a successful performance management system on a daily basis.
  • Understand the importance of visual communication in daily management
  • Understand what a standard is and recognise the problems created by a lack of standards.
  • Know the philosophy behind the A3 report and be able to use it in problem solving

Details of the course

1- Standards

  • Stability
  • Standardisation
  • Standard work
  • Introduction to TWI(Training Within Industry)
  • Abnormal situations
  • The Gemba

2- Day-to-day performance management

3- The visual environment

  • 5S and the workshop
  • Visual communication (creation of dashboards)
  • Visual checks
  • Daily meetings

4- A3 thinking

5- Problem solving A3

The 7 steps

6- Identification of root causes

  • The 5 whys
  • The cause tree
  • The Ishikawa diagram

7- Practical task 2: Problem solving A3

An A3 problem-solving exercise is to be carried out in your organisation for an invested effort of about 20 hours.

3 days from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Membre : 1 795 $
Courant : 2 295 $
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