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Do you dream about talking to professional people like you? Exchanging ideas about best business practices? Discussing everyday problems, factors for successfully implementing an approach, or any other subject that interests you?
Whether you are an organizational leader, continuous improvement manager, quality manager, or change agent, the MQQ’s Performance Network can help you.
Form close ties with other organizations and share your ideas and actions in a spirit of mutual support, guided by an expert facilitator.
«The Network has allowed me to improve my recruitment processes, share my knowledge and learn a lot.
The thing about the Performance Network is that it’s not just a few meetings a year, but a support group that can answer our questions when they arise. It’s a way of networking and supporting each other, of staying on top of best practices, which is what motivates me to participate. The diversity of fields makes it possible to think differently and learn about the conditions for success that can improve your own organization. »
Didier Royer, Eng., Performance Lead, Process Improvement and Client Trajectories, Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de Montréal
«Each meeting with my Performance Network was extremely useful. Missing an appointment would be unthinkable! I’ve found a real exchange of ideas that allows me to recharge my batteries, a true exchange about successes and difficulties in dealing with growing challenges and, finally, a great sense of comfort in the face of challenges as a “change leader.”
As a bonus, there’s direct access to experts, ongoing training, invaluable site visits and direct contact with those who apply best practices.»
Sara LeBel, Business Process Analyst, Altasciences|Algorithme Pharma
«Performance Networks provide an opportunity for people working in different companies to share their best business practices and compare them to their own. I come away from each meeting with one or two concrete ideas that I can adapt and implement in my company. There’s a true sense of sharing ideas and openness. In addition, the number and length of meetings fit easily into my schedule. Company visits reveal how best practices are applied in the field. It bears mentioning that the diversity of the companies represented helps us think “outside the box.”»
Olivier de Brouwer, Director of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, Esterline/CMC Electronics

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