Implementing a performance culture focused on improvement

Recognise all the management and technical elements that are key to a comprehensive and coherent approach to performance improvement.

Description of the course

All organisations, whatever they are, need to perform well. Aren't they there to serve their customers at the best possible cost, by mobilising their work teams? Unfortunately, attempts to set up an improvement system, although so necessary, all too often end in failure.

Is your organisation thinking of starting an improvement process? Is it looking to improve or adjust the one it has already put in place? To do this, you need to establish a real performance culture.

This training will enable you to demystify continuous improvement and to understand all the components of a real, effective and mobilising improvement system.

Recognise all the management and technical elements that are key to a comprehensive and coherent approach to performance improvement. This will enable you to choose your improvement approach wisely.

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General objective

After this training, you will be able to know where your organisation stands in its performance improvement process. You will also be able to determine your QUALImètre training and coaching needs.

Who is this training for?

This course is open to all.

  • Understand the elements of management to be successful.
  • Reflect on and position yourself against the proposed models in order to prepare a performance management improvement plan for your organisation, including expertise and training needs.
  • Develop a diagnosis and then a plan to improve the organisation's performance.

Details of the course

Understanding the provenance of performance management
  • Definition
  • History
Understanding the culture (organisational view)
  • Definition of a culture
  • How to recognize our culture
  • Signs of a performance culture
Understanding the performance culture
  • Strategic planning
  • Mission-Vision-Values
  • Development of the long-term vision
Understanding the elements of a performance improvement system
  • Documented system
  • Measures and objectives
  • Identification of discrepancies
  • Problem solving
  • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders (employees, managers, experts...)
Understanding of the elements of human resource management
  • Individual performance management
  • Skills development management
  • Communication management
Understanding of technical management elements
  • Continuous improvement strategy
  • Problem solving
  • Improvement tools
  • The business model
To be able to position oneself in relation to one's needs in a culture of improvement
  • Establish the gap between your situation and the proposed models
  • Establish initial directions for improving your organisation's performance
1 day from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Membre : 515 $
Courant : 615 $
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