Fundamentals of software testing

Everything you need to know about understanding, planning and executing tests

Description of the course

This is a state-of-the-art course on software testing and quality assurance.

Combining ISTQB concepts with the expertise of Zentelia's professionals, this course allows you to learn and apply the best techniques to improve software testing in your team and your organisation.

The impact of this training has a multiplier effect on the colleagues with whom the participant then works.

Thanks to the experience and skills of Zentelia's trainers, the ISTQB concepts are easily integrated into Quebec work environments. Participants leave with consolidated skills that allow them to maximize their work with their colleagues, whether they are part of the same team or from elsewhere in the world.

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General objective

At the end of the course, participants will master the basic techniques of software testing. They will be able to ensure quality effectively by using internationally recognised techniques.

Who is this training for?

This course is aimed at anyone involved in software testing, from product managers to quality managers, developers and analysts.

  • Improve basic knowledge of quality and testing.
  • Learn a common language of the profession.
  • Master the essential testing techniques.
  • Reduce the risks of poor quality.

Details of the course

The programme is based on the main concepts of quality and software testing. It promotes the sharing of experience with the participants. In order to consolidate the learning, exercises with a high added value for the understanding are integrated in the programme.

Is there a specific note to add?

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of software development

Why take this course?
  • Develop your software testing skills;
  • Optimise cooperation between projects and with subcontractors, through the mastery of a common language and adapted techniques;
  • Professionalise and optimise testing activities by deploying recognised standards and methods;
  • Check that its processes and methods are in line with industry best practice.
Expected benefits?
  • For the participant :
    • Understand the fundamental concepts of software testing
    • Strengthen your software testing skills and identify areas for improvement
    • Asserting knowledge of the role played in the organisation
    • Be more effective in working with other colleagues through a common vocabulary
  • For the organisation :
    • Promote the retention, development and achievement of testing and quality professionals
    • Improve the efficiency of software testing and thus contribute to the delivery of products within requirements, budgets and timeframes.
Examples of training benefits in figures

According to 65% of IT decision makers, having the right people with the right skills is the most important aspect of testing more effectively.

Source: World Quality Report, 2021-2022. Survey 2021 with 1750 respondents from 32 countries.


To give a "boost" to a tool discussed in the training. Did you know?" style

Did you know that some defects are easier to find with static testing than with dynamic testing? This is the case for defects in requirements, in security vulnerabilities, in design, in code.

Specific objectives

Basic concepts of testing
  • The 7 principles of testing
  • Steps in the testing process
Testing during the life cycle
  • The levels of testing
  • Types of tests
  • The test dial and the test pyramid
  • Dynamic testing
  • Static testing
Testing techniques
  • Black box and white box testing techniques
  • Experience-based tests
Test management The organisation
  • Planning
  • The steering
  • Risk management
Test support tools

Effective use of tools

2 days from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Membre : 935 $
Courant : 1 225 $
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