Louise Bourget, CHRP

Current role(s) at the MQQ

  • Trainer
  • Training and employee experience consultant (DO, HR)

Studies and apprenticeships

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Certifications and professional membership

  • Certifications to administer psychometric tools :
    • Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
    • AtmanPro
    • Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI)
    • Trima
  • Certified Facilitator of the Simplex Method from the Centre for Applied Creativity Research
  • Trima and AtmanCo competence approach
  • Neuro-linguistic programming training
  • Professional co-development
  • Certified Human Resources Consultant (CHRP)



For more than 23 years, Louise Bourget has been assisting leaders of organizations in various sectors of activity in the development and deployment of strategies, action plans and optimal and innovative HR practices, the benefits of which are reflected in customer loyalty.

As a trainer, she offers practical training on topics such as leadership, change management, innovation, team mobilisation, personality management and customer relations.

Louise Bourget se distingue par sa capacité à catalyser les forces vives des entreprises. Son approche: insuffler de l’AMEMD dans les organisations en s’appuyant sur trois axes stratégiques, déterminants de l’expérience-employé: Aligner – Mobiliser – Écouter. Résultat? Des organisations vivantes, mobilisées et performantes. Des entreprises qui rayonnent parmi les employeurs de choix. Des entreprises inspirantes.


The human being. His grandchildren. Africa. Psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics. Walks by the sea.

Training courses offered

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