Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Come and learn how to solve your problems effectively with a proven, structured method.

Description of the course

Do your customers complain too often? Your production costs are high? Do your problems keep recurring? Your processes are not stable? Your improvement efforts are not working? The Six Sigma methodology combined with Lean will help you.

Six sigma and Lean have proven themselves in many types of organisations of all sizes. You will finally be able to think in terms of continuous improvement in every phase of your work.

The Lean Six Sigma method will lead you to :

  • Better focus your problems;
  • Identify sources of variation and waste in your processes;
  • Eliminate the root causes to prevent their recurrence;
  • And to find and implement effective solutions;

In addition to the method, you will learn several practical tools that will be useful in all kinds of situations. But beyond the theory, this training will bring you concrete lessons. How it works in real life''.

To complete your training, you will be guided through the implementation of an improvement project. Upon successful completion of this project, you will receive an official "Green Belt Lean Six Sigma" certification from the Mouvement québécois de la qualité.

Prerequisite: Relevant workplace experience and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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*The volume discount does not apply to this course.

For online training, meeting invitations will be sent to you 48 hours in advance and will contain the web links to access the training. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to be able to hear and communicate with the trainer! The material will be sent to you as a link or PDF file to your email address.

General objective

You will be able to clearly define a good continuous improvement project, build a successful team, identify the factors and parameters causing the problem and eliminate them.

You will be able to develop an appropriate plan for implementing the solutions and monitoring the results to maintain the gains on an ongoing basis.

Who is this training for?

This course is open to all.

  • Identifying and defining the right projects that will contribute to the success of the business.
  • Learning the Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts and applying them in an organisational context in order to improve quality, reduce lead times and operating costs.
  • Learning effective ways to choose solutions and implement them permanently.

Details of the course

Overview of Lean Six Sigma
  • Setting the context for continuous improvement
  • Applications for product and service improvement
  • The five phases and their indicators
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project implementation methods (Kaizen blitz or project)
Defining a continuous improvement project - Phase 1
  • Selection of relevant projects
  • Training and team management
  • Definition of the project mandate and objectives
  • Stakeholder identification and management (FIPEC - SIPOC)
  • Voice of the customer
Measuring parameters and current performance - Phase 2
  • Definition of indicators related to the objectives and data collection
  • Process mapping and performance indicators
  • Value chain mapping
  • Cycle time and Takt time analysis
  • Brainstorming and cause-and-effect diagrams
  • Sampling
  • Process capacity
Analyse the most important factors and causes of the problem - Phase 3
  • Graphic tools and their interpretation
  • Understanding natural and assignable variation
  • Identification of factors to be improved
  • Value analysis
  • Hypothesis testing
Improve (innovate) by choosing the best solution and reducing variation - Phase 4
  • Selection of solutions
  • Creativity tools
  • Assessment of scenarios
  • 5S organisation method and visual checks
  • Quality and deception
  • Pilot plan and implementation plan
Monitoring changes and maintaining achievements - Phase 5
  • Setting up a control plan
  • Lessons learned and audits
  • Evaluation of gains
  • Statistical process control

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to work in teams on a case study from the beginning to the end of the course.

Three exams will validate your learning at the end of each block: two of thirty minutes and one of sixty minutes at the end.

Your certification will be obtained after successfully completing the following steps: participation in the six-day training and practical work, three exams, an improvement project and an oral presentation of the project.

17 April – 2 May
Online courses
Olivier de Brouwer, Ing.
6 days from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Member : 3 045 $
Current : 3 745 $
2 seats
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Your trainers

Olivier de Brouwer, Ing.
Yves Durocher, Adm.A., LSSBB Conseiller sénior en performance organisationnelle

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