Strategic thinking and co-creation in the digital ecosystem

Master all facets of your digital transformation to ensure its success.

Description of the course

Is your organisation undertaking its digital transformation? It will need you! To avoid going off in all directions and to guide your decisions about which processes to automate, rigorous strategic planning is an important input.

Also, use the most appropriate digital diagnostics of all those available, whether they are self-taught or made by experts.

Throughout your process, call on the "digital ecosystem", i.e. all the partners who will support you at all stages of your transformation: financing, training, support and outreach.

This course is one of the six required to obtain the Digital Strategist certification. However, it can be taken on an à la carte basis.

Prerequisite: Relevant workplace experience and basic knowledge of Lean and continuous improvement tools

For online training, meeting invitations will be sent to you 48 hours in advance and will contain the web links to access the training. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to be able to hear and communicate with the trainer! The material will be sent to you as a link or PDF file to your email address.

General objective

This training will help you identify digital opportunities arising from strategic planning, combine them with a relevant diagnosis and target the best partners to plan your organisation's digital transformation.

Who is this training for?

This course is aimed at leaders, managers, project managers, change agents, Lean agents, leaders or quality and continuous improvement specialists.

  • Select the best digital projects based on strategic planning.
  • Choose from the various digital diagnostics that provide crucial information on the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.
  • Navigate the impressive digital ecosystem and explore the partnership, funding and networking opportunities available to your organisation
  • Reflect on the use of co-creation in the context of your organisation to move beyond its paradigms and meet its challenges

Details of the course

The digital plan resulting from strategic planning
  • A look at the elements of good strategic planning
  • Elements needed for its development and a simple and easy to implement exercise to obtain the missing elements
  • Integration of digital transformation in the deployment of this strategic planning
  • Orientations that naturally open doors to digital initiatives, so that you can begin your transformation while achieving your strategic objectives
Digital maturity of processes

Presentation of some tools to assess the digital maturity of your processes

Diagnostics and their impact on your organisation
  • Presentation of the two most popular digital diagnostics in Quebec: the DNA 4.0 and the Industry 4.0 audit
  • Presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of these diagnostics and the most appropriate choices for your organisation
  • Group discussion to answer ten questions from these diagnoses to understand the path taken by organisations that stand out
The digital ecosystem: you are not alone!
  • Presentation of potential partners in digital transformation: financing, training, support, advisory role, etc.
  • Exchange with participants to find out who/what they have successfully used
Co-creation: thinking outside the box in times of change
  • Understand how this increasingly popular technique can take your organisation further
  • Learn how to facilitate such an exercise with your clients
1 day from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Membre : 515 $
Courant : 615 $
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